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Why Choose RainSoft?

Why Choose RainSoft?

A RainSoft whole house water treatment system

enhances the quality of life for you and your family—in every room of your home where water is used. The kitchen, where food and beverages are prepared and served. The bathroom, where family members bathe, shower and shampoo. The laundry area, where you care for your clothes. Why install a RainSoft water treatment system in your home? The best reason is that there are so many reasons.

Is there more to your drinking water than just water?

No matter how good your water is at the source, by the time it gets to your home it may have picked up numerous unwanted minerals, chemical compounds and other pollutants.

What your nose, eyes and taste buds could be telling you.

If there's a detectable odor to your water, if it contains visible particles, or leaves a metallic or other "off" taste, you have cause for concern.

Weighing the heavy cost of bottled water.

The costs associated with producing and transporting bottles have a severe impact on our finite oil supply, not to mention the millions of bottles that wind up in landfills every year. With a RainSoft drinking water system installed in your kitchen, you can make bottle-quality water on demand at the touch of a button.

How to put an end to dry skin and dull looking hair.

Water that isn't softened and conditioned can leave soap and shampoo residue behind, aggravating dry skin and dry hair problems.

If only your pipes could talk.

Minerals and chemical compounds in your water can damage your pipes, restrict water flow and shorten the life of major appliances.

RainSoft can make you a better cook.

Fruits and vegetables washed in RainSoft water, and food and beverages prepared with it, taste better and look more appealing.

Why detergent companies don't like RainSoft.

RainSoft's super-sudsing action means you'll need less soap, shampoo and detergents for everything from bathing and doing dishes and laundry to cleaning.

You can take it with you.

Your RainSoft water treatment system is built to last and carries a limited lifetime warranty, so you can exclude it from your real estate contract and take it to your next home.

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